One of the things I enjoy most at Christmas is wrapping gifts, followed very closely by watching the reaction of people when they first see my elegantly wrapped gifts (and in admiration, often hesitate to open them). I often receive compliments such as:
“Those gifts were too cute! I didn’t want to mess up the beautiful work you did!” “Wow! I wish I could wrap like that!”

“When we picked up our gifts, even WE had no idea which packages had what items that were brought over for wrapping…our kids will never guess!”

Odd shaped items and the ability to disguise package contents are challenges which I especially enjoy solving. However, sometimes wrapping certain odd shapes “true to form” is the best option. Regardless, I enjoy dressing up gifts with unique ribbons, bows, and other embellishments to make them extra special.

I’m even able to “toddler-proof” packages when forewarned it might be desirable. I will certainly wrap gifts more securely when advised such measures would be helpful. Rest assured that ANY fragile items will receive extra packaging for the gift’s protection.

Of course, Christmas isn’t the only time I get “wrapped up” with gifts, I also have a large selection of paper and decor that is suitable for other occasions such as: Birthdays, Graduations, Weddings, Showers (Bridal or Baby), and even “just because” events.